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Collecting information online: Any information that is collected as a result of your visit to Weblifemedia.com is kept strictly confidential. This includes placing an order or filling out any forms. We do not share your information with third party companies and I do not sell your information. If at anytime you entered your email address, it will be added to our email database and you may receive communication from us. You will be able to opt-out at the bottom of any email received. As with any digital online communication where one’s personal information is conveyed, the threat of a cyber compromise exists. By providing us with your information – you consent and release Weblifemedia.com from any liability and assume all liability should an attack occur and your information is compromised.

All of our services are performed once payment is made. We do not perform any service and bill our customers. 

Our platform is a monthly subscription platform. This is why we are able to design and build a professional industry standard high quality website without charging thousands up front. many companies charge $3500 up to $10,000 for the same platform we use. Our business objective is to build a consistent monthly income as opposed to a fluctuating income. 

As with any subscription service once you cancel your subscription – your service will end. We do not require a contract for our service, but when you cancel your service, your website will be taken down. We do offer our clients the ability to purchase their website files and host them someplace else should they decide to leave us. Within the first year of your subscription the cost for the files is $1500. The second year and beyond is $1000.

When you sign up with us you will receive between (3) email addresses and unlimited email addresses. These email addresses are attached to your domain name which you own (even if we purchased it for you). The process of creating an email address is done wherever the name servers are set for your domain. For example, if you purchased your domain name at GoDaddy, you needed to point your name servers to OUR hosting platform. That gave us the ability to create email addresses attached to your domain name. So if you cancel your service with us you will need to point your name servers to whatever hosting company will be hosting your website files. At that point, they will be able to provide email addresses for your domain name if that is something they offer. Please keep in mind there could be a slight interruption of email service while this transfer is happening. When you cancel your plan, your email addresses are cancelled as well.

We are not responsible for any content you have on your website. You assume all responsibility for your website and interaction with the public.


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